The world needs more art, I believe, especially since it adds so much to society at large. In fact, museums bring so much to the world that I believe there should be more of them and there should be even more access to them than there currently is. When the majority of people think about museums, they think of the most famous ones in the country like the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), or The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) located in NYC, or international sites such as Vatican City and the Vatican located in the center of Rome. While all of these are extremely popular, there are several more that should be under consideration that could be added to your list. There are typically major museums in both large and small cities in America and beyond, all of which play an integral role in the modern world. The following are some ways in which museums impact local communities.


Bridging the General Gap by Appreciating Diversity

Aside the ability to bridge the generational gap between the ages, museums also have the power to connect those that come from various regions and cultures of the glove by giving insight into other ethnicities and experiences that they otherwise would not be exposed to. If you happen to visit Hawaii, for example, the Imiloa Astronomy Center leaves a profound impression on visitors on Hawaiian culture. It is not just large cities that have museums that expose the culture of the region – rural communities have their own places and sites that honor the history of towns.


These locations may not be as popular or as famous as the MoMA, but what they can do is shine a light on these communities and allow visitors to see the area from another vantage point as well as see how events have shaped the region in the past and its impact today.


I find that today’s society is not as enthusiastic about museums as those from previous generations. They’re more concerned on organic, hippie benefits of high ph water. This may be because of a number of reasons, but I believe that the advent of technology has had more than a small hand in changing that. As museums lose prominence in certain communities, new ways of exploring cities have popped up. This is, in particular, true of smaller towns that have less to offer than cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and more. Getting online has allowed those that are in smaller places the chance to see museums form the comfort of their home and even feel like they are there. Some museums have even been adopted as permanent spots for use by schools and universities. What is exceptional these days is that technology has made it even easier to serve communities and allow museums to gain more importance in society at large. This increased technology helps to generate more intrigue and pique interest among the young and old. There are now options such as virtual tours that make it possible for adults and children to experience everything a museum offers without actually physically being in the room. Add that to learning activities that are hands-on and the interactive aspects, there are a lot of experiences that serve as valuable tools for educators.


Going to the museum can be a great experience for both young adults, children, and even their parents and grandparents. Parents and grandparents that take their children to museums can share experiences and connect the dots between the past and the present. The sense of wonder evident cannot be underestimated as these personal stories are what make it all worthwhile. The opportunity doesn’t rest only on younger generations, however, as it can create opportunities on both sides of the gap.


You truly cannot put a price on how older people can be utilized to give insight into history since they have a vested interest in it as they were there in real time and can provide information that most cannot ever receive. At the end of the day, technology can be used to add perspective to culture, art, historical events, and regions. The power of connecting via the digital power of today for both the past and present is finally here and we should take advantage of it.