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Saskatchewan First Nations

Saskatchewan First Nations consist of Dene, Saulteaux, Woodland Cree, Plains Cree, Swampy Cree, Nakota, Dakota and Lakota people. Although the names of the province’s First Nation groups are relatively new, their ancestors have lived in Saskatchewan for more than 11,000 years.

Historically, Plains First Nations hunted bison, moose, elk and caribou, depending on what was available. Fish and vegetation were also part of their diet. Because of the need to share food in order to ensure the survival of most of the population, Plains First Nations communities formed a consensual political system; everyone had to agree before a particular decision was reached.

Saskatchewan First Nations suffered terribly from colonization. They lost their land, natural resources, children, culture and dignity as a result. But today, they are taking back their power and all that entails. Aboriginal business is one of the fastest growing market sectors in the province. In fact, there are more than 1000 businesses owned by Bands or individuals and several gaming operations operated by Saskatchewan First Nations.


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Art and Culture

Saskatchewan has a large number of talented First Nations artists, dancers, writers, musicians and storytellers. Some artists concentrate on traditional art forms like beadwork while others are considered to be contemporary in either their medium or subject, or both.

Several famous Canadians are from Saskatchewan First Nations communities. These include singer Buffy Sainte-Marie, actor Gordon Tootoosis and singer Tom Jackson.

In Saskatoon, Wanuskewin Heritage Park offers visitors a one-of-a-kind experience of Saskatchewan First Nations cultural heritage. You can also attend pow wows around the province to take in traditional dance and drumming and buy arts and crafts.

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations

With roots running back to just after World War II, the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) is one of Canada’s oldest First Nation political organizations. The FSIN is made up of 74 member First Nations from across the province. Its mandate is to protect treaty rights and foster economic, educational and social progress for First Nation communities and individuals.

Saskatchewan First Nations Info

Here, you’ll find lots of information about Saskatchewan First Nations bands and reserves. Read about the history of Ahtahkakoop First Nation and Big River First Nation. Find out what’s special about the geography of Little Pine First Nation. And check out which First Nation artists come from Gordon First Nation and Red Pheasant First Nation.

We have a complete listing of Saskatchewan First Nations and are continuously adding content, so check back often!

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Saskatchewan First Nations Reserves

Ahtahkakoop, Beardy’s and Okemasis, Big Island Lake Cree Nation, Big River, Birch Narrows First Nation, Black Lake, Buffalo River Dene Nation, Canoe Lake Cree First Nation, Carry The Kettle, Clearwater River Dene, Cote First Nation 366, Cowessess, Cumberland House Cree Nation, Day Star, English River First Nation, Fishing Lake First Nation, Flying Dust First Nation, Fond du Lac, Gordon, Hatchet Lake, Island Lake First Nation, James Smith, Kahkewistahaw, Kawacatoose, Keeseekoose, Kinistin Saulteaux Nation, Lac La Ronge, Little Black Bear, Little Pine First Nation, Lucky Man, Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation, Mistawasis, Montreal Lake, Moosomin, Mosquito First Nation, Grizzly Bear’s Head, Lean Man First Nation, Muscowpetung, Muskeg Lake, Muskoday First Nation, Muskowekwan, Nekaneet, Ocean Man, Ochapowace, Okanese, One Arrow, Onion Lake, Pasqua First Nation #79, Peepeekisis, Pelican Lake, Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation, Pheasant Rump Nakota, Piapot, Poundmaker, Red Earth, Red Pheasant, Sakimay First Nations, Saulteaux, Shoal Lake Cree Nation, Standing Buffalo, Star Blanket, Sturgeon Lake First Nation, Sweetgrass, The Key First Nation, Thunderchild First Nation, Wahpeton Dakota Nation, Waterhen Lake, White Bear, Whitecap Dakota First Nation, Witchekan Lake, Wood Mountain, Yellow Quill