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Manitoba First Nations Art Galleries

Manitoba First Nations are redefining aboriginal art.

They’re asking: what is First Nations art? Is it art derived from traditional First Nations artistic mediums, forms and themes? Or is it more appropriately defined as art created by people of First Nations descent?

The founders of Urban Shaman Gallery in Winnipeg believe aboriginal art is too narrowly defined when it refers only to traditional arts.

The gallery specialises in contemporary aboriginal art by contemporary First Nations artists, Metis artists and aboriginal artists from around the world.


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Run by aboriginal artists, Urban Shaman Gallery takes a leadership role in cultivating indigenous art in all disciplines. The gallery challenges and stretches the public perception of what is—and is not—aboriginal art.

Assistance for Manitoba First Nations Artists

Opening in 1996, the gallery has implemented exhibitions and programs to assist First Nations artists and other aboriginal artists locally, nationally and internationally.

These include youth mentoring and artist exchange programs.

At the Urban Shaman Gallery, you’ll find art you may not find anywhere else.

Traditional art forms are given a contemporary spin. Contemporary designs bear traditional messages.

The gallery has featured such artists as Ontario Metis painter Christi Belcourt.

You can learn more about the gallery at Manitoba first nations art gallery.