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First Nations Art and First Nations Artists--
meant to be shared and celebrated...

First Nations Art is universal. It transcends time, space and culture. As art is born from the heart, so it speaks to the heart – all hearts. It opens and reveals, casts welcome light in shadowed places.

Art teaches us, challenges us, heals us. It is integral and equal to the retention of our history and to the evolvement of our visions as co-creators. It is the cosmic mother tongue of all souls, of all nations. It is meant to be revered and celebrated, but most importantly, it is meant to be shared.

First Nations art is rich in its sharing and depiction of legends and culture. Timeless stories and sacred customs are woven through varied art forms using bold colors and distinctive shapes and lines. As it is not customary for First Nations people to record their history through written word, the art speaks for itself. Storytelling, an art form in its own rite, was and is the traditional method of passing vital information from one generation to the next.


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With a history spanning thousands of years and a diverse array of language and tradition practiced from coast to coast, it is no wonder that First Nations art explores a vast sea of form and expression.

From intricate, detailed beadwork to bold paint strokes on canvas. Painstaking carvings that magically give life to seemingly inanimate pieces of wood or soapstone or the flawless formation of clay into exquisite earthenware show that there are no boundaries to this journey of artistic exploration.

Each piece of creativity takes on a personality and a life of its own, has a distinct story to tell us. More often than not, the art speaks louder than the artist and that voice can be heard far beyond the duration of the artist’s physical life.

The ancient messages of forgotten artists are gradually but insistently finding their way back to the present, their representation of tradition and order echoed through shape and form of their timeless art. Whispers of yesterdays give promise for new and hopeful tomorrows.

Through the rediscovery and recognition of past artists, their stories are being resurrected, retold. They are coming full circle. New generations are inspired and driven to create their own art, to tell their own stories, and in the telling of new tales, the past is honored and the future is paved for progression.

Be it past or present, the heart of the First Nations artist beats purposefully and purely at the core of each and every creation. Those who have come to listen with their own hearts just may hear it.