There are people that like coffee, and then there are people that need coffee. I happen to fall into the category of absolutely needing coffee, particularly espresso, which necessitates having a French press that I can trust in. I have recently decided that the time has come for a new French press and with so many brands available out there, I have had to significantly narrow down the list of contenders to find just the right one for me.


To begin my search, I checked out a few sites, including for a few of the best machines that are out there now. For those that are true coffee aficionados, it is a site that comes highly recommended.


I know that most people are always working with certain budgets and that is why I decided to also check out for the best options out there for under $200. There are always newbies out there and that is why I view this page, which can be used to figure your way around the intricacies of a French press. Believe me when I say that they are extremely easy to use.


What exactly is a French press, you may be asking yourself? Well, for those that are new to the game, a French press – alternately known as a press pot, coffee press, or cafetiere, is one of the most popular ways of brewing coffee and is simple to use to create tasty coffee at your convenience. There are many advantages of a French press over conventional drip coffee makers, including affordability and ease of obtaining. Don’t be alarmed or feel overwhelmed once you discover there are so many options out there! This guide will walk you through the best products currently available on the market, and after reading it you will be more successful in finding one that fits your needs.


Coffee Gator

For a great premium French press, the Coffee Gator is an exceptional option to consider that comes with three color schemes to choose from, stainless steel design, and other great features to roast your coffee in style and keep it hot for longer than glass alternatives. Other bonuses include a small storage container, and with purchase, it comes with an e-book that gives you insider tips for making your ideal cup of joe. Even better is that there is a money-back guarantee that comes attached if you are not satisfied for a 100% refund. For coffee lovers that want a great French press that can withstand punishment and brew piping hot brew, it would be hard to find another contender as great as the Coffee Gator.



Looking for efficiency and affordability? Then look no further than the Secura French press, a stainless steel model that looks impressive and will keep your brew hotter for much longer than conventional models. The double walls ensure insulation is always at capacity. I prefer a large, oversized cup of coffee sometimes and this model provides 50 ounces. The normal pot holds 34 ounces if you have a regular appetite. Armed with a filter that is 3-layered, the Secura captures coffee grounds and comes with an extra screen that is included. This model really packs on the features and above all, the taste. When it comes to cleaning this model, users report it is dishwasher safe and purchasers will have no issue at all with it. For a French press that delivers on all cylinders, the Secura is a no-nonsense model that is affordable and perfect for most households.


Frieling French Press

Made of stainless steel for added durability, the Frieling French Press has been designed to last and be used daily. Measuring only 10 inches high with a 36 oz. capacity, this French press is ideal for all of your needs. No BPA is contained in this carafe and with a double-wall insulation, you can retain up to 4 times the heat over conventional glass pots. The pot can be used for brewing coffee and cold beverages as well like iced tea, water, juice, or milk. It is even possible to make brew tea leaves. Two designs are available for this French Press that consumers will love – choose from an exterior or interior brushed finish or exterior mirror finish or interior brushed.


The filtration system involves two stages, featuring a mesh filter that is extra fine, and a pre-filter that ensures that final product remains sediment-free. You won’t have any grounds escaping either since the metal wire located inside presses plunger against inside wall of the coffee pot.