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Achy Back

If you’re like me and spend a lot of time in your office, you already understand that owning a comfortable chair is imperative in order to work productively as well as spare your body from any additional knocks and pains that come with sitting most of the day. The chair I own right now leaves much to be desired and I have finally made the decision to replace it with a more dynamic model. The benefits of these new chairs are absolutely amazing, and I definitely need to have less back pain in my life as I believe it will increase my productivity as well as extend my life.


In order to find a chair that meets all of my criteria, I have checked out for rankings of the major brands and made a short list that I believe will work for me. Since I’m specifically on the search for an executive chair, has an extensive range of options that fit my budget and that work for the space I have in mind. You’d be amazed at all of the options available out there, so if you are looking for a change, there are plenty of models out there to consider.


What you really must get in the corner of your mind is that having a great chair will dramatically reduce pain in your back and thereby increase your productive hours in the workplace. Most companies provide seats that provide some lumbar support, but many are lacking overall and could offer more than they do. You should know that there are plenty of chairs out there that can give you the support you need and at a price point that agrees with your preferences. No matter how high or low your budget may be, there is something out there for you. On this page are just a few of the chairs I found out that I recommend to anyone searching for the next great model.


Ergohuman LEM4ERG

For one of the best chairs available on the market, the Ergohuman LEM4ERG is arguably one of the top picks. I have had experience using this chair at previous companies and I have to say that it provides incredible support for the lower back as you work throughout the day. With a pronounced lumbar system, you are assured more support when you lean forward and type. It comes equipped with an adjustable backrest as well as a seat pan that is adjustable, meaning that it can be fine-tuned specifically to your needs.



Not everyone is able to afford a chair that is expensive and that is where the BTOD 100MC comes into play as it is one of the most affordable that I can think of and perfect for people that have only a bare minimum to spare, yet want great features that assure comfort while working.


The great thing about this model is that you can position it in several areas for your lower back and it comes with a lumbar support system that is height adjustable depending on your measurements. With a nearly vertical back, you can count on consistent support for the entire back and a supportive mesh material that lets you sink back into the lumbar system with ease. This chair has just enough bells and whistles to make this list and not break your bank at a retail price that is just under $200.

Valo Viper

For a mid-priced option, the Valo Viper is the perfect chair to consider as it comes with enough features that will ensure your optimal comfort. There’s the adjustable lumbar support that everyone loves, with 5 inches of adjustment for height to ensure the most support for your back. With a cushion in the lumbar region for additional support and softness, the Valo Viper also includes a great warranty and previous owners have given it great reviews, claiming it performs optimally for nearly a decade.


Final Considerations


If you are searching for great lower back support, it is imperative that your chair maintains proper posture for the best comfort possible. As you slouch, your lower body is compromised and your chair should address that issue. My top contenders all will give you the comfort you need as well as fit within your budget.



Daily Energy Intake

There are people that like coffee, and then there are people that need coffee. I happen to fall into the category of absolutely needing coffee, particularly espresso, which necessitates having a French press that I can trust in. I have recently decided that the time has come for a new French press and with so many brands available out there, I have had to significantly narrow down the list of contenders to find just the right one for me.


To begin my search, I checked out a few sites, including for a few of the best machines that are out there now. For those that are true coffee aficionados, it is a site that comes highly recommended.


I know that most people are always working with certain budgets and that is why I decided to also check out for the best options out there for under $200. There are always newbies out there and that is why I view this page, which can be used to figure your way around the intricacies of a French press. Believe me when I say that they are extremely easy to use.


What exactly is a French press, you may be asking yourself? Well, for those that are new to the game, a French press – alternately known as a press pot, coffee press, or cafetiere, is one of the most popular ways of brewing coffee and is simple to use to create tasty coffee at your convenience. There are many advantages of a French press over conventional drip coffee makers, including affordability and ease of obtaining. Don’t be alarmed or feel overwhelmed once you discover there are so many options out there! This guide will walk you through the best products currently available on the market, and after reading it you will be more successful in finding one that fits your needs.


Coffee Gator

For a great premium French press, the Coffee Gator is an exceptional option to consider that comes with three color schemes to choose from, stainless steel design, and other great features to roast your coffee in style and keep it hot for longer than glass alternatives. Other bonuses include a small storage container, and with purchase, it comes with an e-book that gives you insider tips for making your ideal cup of joe. Even better is that there is a money-back guarantee that comes attached if you are not satisfied for a 100% refund. For coffee lovers that want a great French press that can withstand punishment and brew piping hot brew, it would be hard to find another contender as great as the Coffee Gator.



Looking for efficiency and affordability? Then look no further than the Secura French press, a stainless steel model that looks impressive and will keep your brew hotter for much longer than conventional models. The double walls ensure insulation is always at capacity. I prefer a large, oversized cup of coffee sometimes and this model provides 50 ounces. The normal pot holds 34 ounces if you have a regular appetite. Armed with a filter that is 3-layered, the Secura captures coffee grounds and comes with an extra screen that is included. This model really packs on the features and above all, the taste. When it comes to cleaning this model, users report it is dishwasher safe and purchasers will have no issue at all with it. For a French press that delivers on all cylinders, the Secura is a no-nonsense model that is affordable and perfect for most households.


Frieling French Press

Made of stainless steel for added durability, the Frieling French Press has been designed to last and be used daily. Measuring only 10 inches high with a 36 oz. capacity, this French press is ideal for all of your needs. No BPA is contained in this carafe and with a double-wall insulation, you can retain up to 4 times the heat over conventional glass pots. The pot can be used for brewing coffee and cold beverages as well like iced tea, water, juice, or milk. It is even possible to make brew tea leaves. Two designs are available for this French Press that consumers will love – choose from an exterior or interior brushed finish or exterior mirror finish or interior brushed.


The filtration system involves two stages, featuring a mesh filter that is extra fine, and a pre-filter that ensures that final product remains sediment-free. You won’t have any grounds escaping either since the metal wire located inside presses plunger against inside wall of the coffee pot.



It Started in A Cave

There is history around us wherever direction we look, and that extends from the seas to the skies and everything in between. One of the earliest forms of art in the world exists in ancient caves and the paintings created by early men thousands of years ago. This is regarded as some of the first works of man and it is intriguing to find out new information about cave paintings as a form of expression. It proves that even in the beginning of time, humans were eager to convey feelings and caves served as a canvas where they could display emotions amongst themselves and future generations.


There are so many genres when it comes to art, and cave painting is one of the first forms that have been discovered by modern day man. Working on a fresh cup of coffee, I found the energy to delve into the history of cave painting, the definition, as well as characteristics attached for a broader view. Cave painting refers to art that can be viewed from walls, ceilings, and floors of rock shelters. Monochrome cave paintings involve only one color, while polychrome cave paintings are comprised of two or more colors. Examples of this type of painting can be seen at Altamira, or in the Chamber of the Bulls. Cave drawing, however, refers to an engraved drawing that is produced by cutting lines on the rock surface using a stone tool, as opposed to using charcoal or manganese to draw lines.


Origins of Cave Paintings

Currently, we have no exact time frame for when the first cave paintings began. One theory connects the evolution of art from the Stone Age to the arrival of modern humans in Europe during the Upper Paleolithic period. This theory coincides with the development of art in caves by the displaced Neanderthal man, around 40,0000 B.C. This was around the time that rock art began to emerge in rock shelters and caves worldwide, especially in the Franco-Cantabrian area. The beginning was paintings, then mobiliary art featuring figurines like the Venus figurines gaining traction and popularity.


In general, cave painting materials and techniques improved with each successive century, bringing forth monochrome paintings from the Aurignacian culture, then on to the Gravettian era, progressing to the Magdalenian era. At the end of the Magdalenian era, the Ice Age finally ended and there came a period where the world encountered global warming which led to the destruction of reindeer, culture, as well as cave art. Cave painting continued to evolve, however, leading to great eras of substantive art.


Famous Cave Paintings



The cave art in France and Spain is among the most famous of the region. In Puente Viesgo, Spain, the Caves of Monte Castillo is home to some of the oldest cave art in the world. Fumane Cave is an Italian cave that was once home to Aurignacian reindeer hunters. Maybe one day, people from all over the world will be able to view these fragments.



The Need for Museums


The world needs more art, I believe, especially since it adds so much to society at large. In fact, museums bring so much to the world that I believe there should be more of them and there should be even more access to them than there currently is. When the majority of people think about museums, they think of the most famous ones in the country like the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), or The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art) located in NYC, or international sites such as Vatican City and the Vatican located in the center of Rome. While all of these are extremely popular, there are several more that should be under consideration that could be added to your list. There are typically major museums in both large and small cities in America and beyond, all of which play an integral role in the modern world. The following are some ways in which museums impact local communities.


Bridging the General Gap by Appreciating Diversity

Aside the ability to bridge the generational gap between the ages, museums also have the power to connect those that come from various regions and cultures of the glove by giving insight into other ethnicities and experiences that they otherwise would not be exposed to. If you happen to visit Hawaii, for example, the Imiloa Astronomy Center leaves a profound impression on visitors on Hawaiian culture. It is not just large cities that have museums that expose the culture of the region – rural communities have their own places and sites that honor the history of towns.


These locations may not be as popular or as famous as the MoMA, but what they can do is shine a light on these communities and allow visitors to see the area from another vantage point as well as see how events have shaped the region in the past and its impact today.


I find that today’s society is not as enthusiastic about museums as those from previous generations. They’re more concerned on organic, hippie benefits of high ph water. This may be because of a number of reasons, but I believe that the advent of technology has had more than a small hand in changing that. As museums lose prominence in certain communities, new ways of exploring cities have popped up. This is, in particular, true of smaller towns that have less to offer than cities such as New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, and more. Getting online has allowed those that are in smaller places the chance to see museums form the comfort of their home and even feel like they are there. Some museums have even been adopted as permanent spots for use by schools and universities. What is exceptional these days is that technology has made it even easier to serve communities and allow museums to gain more importance in society at large. This increased technology helps to generate more intrigue and pique interest among the young and old. There are now options such as virtual tours that make it possible for adults and children to experience everything a museum offers without actually physically being in the room. Add that to learning activities that are hands-on and the interactive aspects, there are a lot of experiences that serve as valuable tools for educators.


Going to the museum can be a great experience for both young adults, children, and even their parents and grandparents. Parents and grandparents that take their children to museums can share experiences and connect the dots between the past and the present. The sense of wonder evident cannot be underestimated as these personal stories are what make it all worthwhile. The opportunity doesn’t rest only on younger generations, however, as it can create opportunities on both sides of the gap.


You truly cannot put a price on how older people can be utilized to give insight into history since they have a vested interest in it as they were there in real time and can provide information that most cannot ever receive. At the end of the day, technology can be used to add perspective to culture, art, historical events, and regions. The power of connecting via the digital power of today for both the past and present is finally here and we should take advantage of it.