If you’re like me and spend a lot of time in your office, you already understand that owning a comfortable chair is imperative in order to work productively as well as spare your body from any additional knocks and pains that come with sitting most of the day. The chair I own right now leaves much to be desired and I have finally made the decision to replace it with a more dynamic model. The benefits of these new chairs are absolutely amazing, and I definitely need to have less back pain in my life as I believe it will increase my productivity as well as extend my life.


In order to find a chair that meets all of my criteria, I have checked out officeworthylist.com for rankings of the major brands and made a short list that I believe will work for me. Since I’m specifically on the search for an executive chair, https://officeworthylist.com/best-executive-chair has an extensive range of options that fit my budget and that work for the space I have in mind. You’d be amazed at all of the options available out there, so if you are looking for a change, there are plenty of models out there to consider.


What you really must get in the corner of your mind is that having a great chair will dramatically reduce pain in your back and thereby increase your productive hours in the workplace. Most companies provide seats that provide some lumbar support, but many are lacking overall and could offer more than they do. You should know that there are plenty of chairs out there that can give you the support you need and at a price point that agrees with your preferences. No matter how high or low your budget may be, there is something out there for you. On this page are just a few of the chairs I found out that I recommend to anyone searching for the next great model.


Ergohuman LEM4ERG

For one of the best chairs available on the market, the Ergohuman LEM4ERG is arguably one of the top picks. I have had experience using this chair at previous companies and I have to say that it provides incredible support for the lower back as you work throughout the day. With a pronounced lumbar system, you are assured more support when you lean forward and type. It comes equipped with an adjustable backrest as well as a seat pan that is adjustable, meaning that it can be fine-tuned specifically to your needs.



Not everyone is able to afford a chair that is expensive and that is where the BTOD 100MC comes into play as it is one of the most affordable that I can think of and perfect for people that have only a bare minimum to spare, yet want great features that assure comfort while working.


The great thing about this model is that you can position it in several areas for your lower back and it comes with a lumbar support system that is height adjustable depending on your measurements. With a nearly vertical back, you can count on consistent support for the entire back and a supportive mesh material that lets you sink back into the lumbar system with ease. This chair has just enough bells and whistles to make this list and not break your bank at a retail price that is just under $200.

Valo Viper

For a mid-priced option, the Valo Viper is the perfect chair to consider as it comes with enough features that will ensure your optimal comfort. There’s the adjustable lumbar support that everyone loves, with 5 inches of adjustment for height to ensure the most support for your back. With a cushion in the lumbar region for additional support and softness, the Valo Viper also includes a great warranty and previous owners have given it great reviews, claiming it performs optimally for nearly a decade.


Final Considerations


If you are searching for great lower back support, it is imperative that your chair maintains proper posture for the best comfort possible. As you slouch, your lower body is compromised and your chair should address that issue. My top contenders all will give you the comfort you need as well as fit within your budget.